STO Legal Advice and Documents

At ICO Law Group, our experienced STO attorneys are committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing cryptocurrency world. We have the expertise you need to structure your STO in a way that is innovative in the marketplace while acting in compliance with all relevant regulations.
We work exclusively with clients in the cryptocurrency space and can help with any of your company’s legal needs at any stage of your cryptocurrency business, whether you’re ramping up for a launch, looking for investors, or preparing to grow.
At ICO Law Group, we work hard to stay at the leading edge of the blockchain and crypto exchange world. In an ever-changing market, understanding regulatory changes and technological innovations as they happen allows us to offer our clients the very best legal advice for their STO and cryptocurrency projects.
We offer legal services in all areas of cryptocurrency, including legal advice, white paper and document review, risk assessments, litigation and more. No matter what your needs, the ICO Law Group is here to help you make the most of your cryptocurrency offering.
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STO Legal Advice

Structuring an STO can be a complex and complicated process. At ICO Law Group, we offer a variety of STO legal services to ensure your project is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our STO services include:

  • Security token offering analysis
  • STO risk assessment
  • STO white paper development
  • STO press release development
  • Business plan review
  • Security token offering drafting
  • Market/jurisdiction considerations

In addition to the STO-specific legal advice, we can also help you with other legal issues concerning your STO business, such as employment contracts, business negotiations, partnership agreements, and corporate formation. At ICO Law Group, our goal is to provide all the legal advice you need to make your STO successful.

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Benefits From White Page Review

Knowledgeable lawyers in a growing industry.
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Benefits of STO Legal Advising with ICO Law Group

At ICO Law Group, we offer legal advice to ICOs, STOs, and other cryptocurrency projects all over the world. While a lot of law firms claim to offer legal advice for crypto projects, there are some benefits you can only get by working with the experienced STO attorneys:

  • Complete transparency in your STO project
  • Compliance with all regulatory bodies
  • Increase investor confidence
  • Avoid potential problems with your STO
  • Get advice on local or international STO projects
  • Attorneys who understand blockchain technology

STO Document Services

STOs require a lot of documentation to meet regulatory guidelines in most countries. To launch an STO, your company will need a variety of offering documents, operating documents, and investing documents to provide required information to investors and to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. These documents must be drafted according to specific guidelines and must provide all required information to investors, such as relevant details for your STO project, the structure, and economics of your STO, potential risks, and more.

It is important to think about legal compliance and protection for every aspect of your business. In addition to the STO documents your company requires, ICO Law Group can provide documents for other vital areas of your business, such as employment contracts for your staff, equity and token agreements for your investors, disclaimers for your website, partnership agreements for any entity that partners with your company, advertising agreements, token sale documents, and more.

It’s also a good idea to have ICO Law Group review any existing documentation you have in place for your STO, including your website, your STO white paper, and any existing marketing materials. Any materials that can be seen by investors must be compliant and should be reviewed by an experienced cryptocurrency attorney.

We Know What It Takes To Make A Successful STO

As one of the only specialized cryptocurrency law firms in the United States, our attorneys at ICO Law Group take pride in both their legal knowledge and technical expertise in the field of cryptocurrency. Working with an experienced STO lawyer on your project will give you the best possible chance for a successful STO.

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