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At The ICO Law Group, we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with advice to help guide them to success with their company. We supply ICO legal advice with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency regulations for every step of your company's growth and life. Our advice is tailored precisely towards your specific goals and needs. No matter what your needs, The ICO Law Group is here to help your company grow.
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Things to Consider

There are many things that an ICO must consider prior to its launch. Legal issues are raised depending on whether or not a token or coin is likely to be considered a security. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the state of the market at the time of fundraising to optimize investor reaction and interest in a particular project. Failure to properly assess and mitigate risk can lead to unintended violations of United States securities law, which in turn can lead to a company not being able to operate within the United States. This means that an Initial Coin Offering would be missing out on a large part of the cryptocurrency market along with the investors and exposure that can help their project to grow. Securities law in the United States are complicated and involve both state and federal laws. Most of these laws revolve around the regulation, sale, and issuance of securities with violation of any of those laws and regulations leading to the loss of certain registration benefits, civil penalties, fines, and even criminal liability and imprisonment. At ICO Law Group, we have our fingers on the cryptocurrency pulse and we make sure to perform ICO risk assessments to help our clients. As your crypto legal counsel, we provide ICO legal services to make sure your project is successful.

Structuring an offering outside of the United States also comes with issues that need addressing. There are specific timelines in place which need to be adhered to in order to negate the risk of criminal liability or registration exemption forfeiture. Our experienced cryptocurrency lawyers and crypto legal counsel can help guide your project through the turbulent waters of international cryptocurrency regulation and international offerings to ensure that you have a successful and clean ICO.

Benefits From Risk Assessment

Ability to react to any future issues Protect your ICO from violations Inspire confidence with potential investors
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These risks don’t just come from registration for the sale of cryptocurrencies with the Securities Exchange Commission. Risks are also inherent in running a business and building a blockchain or technology company. Your business needs to be protected by mitigating risk whenever possible. We will draw up non-disclosure agreements and other confidentiality documents with our legal advising and documents services to protect your project and your team. Projects typically have unique digital assets that they want protection from competing projects or from those who would seek to steal or copy a business project’s intellectual property. This could include their project concept, smart contracts, algorithms, and digital wallets. Making sure that business dealings run smoothly helps to reduce the risk of legal issues throughout the life of your company or project is our job at ICO Law Group. Together with our expert crypto legal counsel and ICO risk assessment, we can help protect your project’s future success!

ICO Law Firm- Cryptocurrency Lawyers

Most big law firms know securities law. However, only ICO Law Firm is at the forefront of cryptocurrency law and regulations. We understand the technology and see the potential both in the cryptocurrency community and throughout industries worldwide. As leading cryptocurrency attorneys and crypto legal counsel for many companies, we act as general counsel to our clients before, during, and after their ICO’s so that we can help make sure that any risk or problem at any point in time can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with little to no risk to you or your team. Our crypto attorneys come from top-tier law schools, are licensed in the United States, and are well versed in the risks inherent in securities law, blockchain technologies, and regulatory issues.

So how exactly do we perform our risk assessments? A risk assessment is an evaluation of your ICO to determine the likelihood of loss on your particular asset or investment. The process of assessing risk helps to determine what steps may be taken to mitigate risk and through specific ratios the upside reward compared to the risk profile. It determines what rate of return is necessary to make a particular investment succeed. Our ICO risk assessment takes into account all of these factors. We go further by not only identifying risks but also developing plans and contingencies to mitigate these factors.

Getting Your ICO Funded

With ICOs and STOs we also use a series of legal and financial tests to assess the likelihood of your token or product being considered as a security and how likely it is to be subject to certain state, national or international regulations. In addition, we can help assess the risk from a financial and business side to ascertain where your break-even point lies as well as how to reach beyond that point in profit and adequate funds for the growth of your idea.

Interested in getting your ICO funded? Our cryptocurrency lawyers can help with all legal matters related to raising money and establishing credibility in the crypto-space. Venture capital firms are aware that investing in cryptocurrency is a risk so its important for ICO’s and cryptocurrency projects that are in search of funding to mitigate their risk as much as possible. Compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission is a large part of mitigating overall risk. Furthermore, protection of intellectual property and skillful handling of issues related to utility tokens and securities can help instill confidence and get your project funded. Crypto chart ladder

We Know What It Takes To Make A Successful ICO

We pride ourselves in being one of the only cryptocurrency specialized law firms in the United States, as well as being able to provide our clients with legal advice in a cutting edge industry from attorneys who lead the field in cryptocurrency.

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