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At The ICO Law Group, we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with advice to help guide them to success with their company. We supply ICO legal advice with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency regulations for every step of your company's growth and life. Our advice is tailored precisely towards your specific goals and needs. No matter what your needs, The ICO Law Group is here to help your company grow.
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ICO Legal Advice

We offer legal advice to ICO’s and cryptocurrency projects all over the world. We assist in advising executive boards and individuals on the legal implications of different systems of the coin and token economics. Due to the nature of the space, cryptocurrency projects need legal help every step of the way. Together with our expertise on cryptocurrency regulations and ICO’s, ICO Law Group helps our clients figure out what they need to take into consideration in terms of legal operations and compliance. Projects need guidance on the verification of accredited investors, structuring compliant public offerings and token sales, registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and compliance with other relevant governmental organizations on both the state and federal level. Projects also need legal guidance on holding and marketing an initial coin offering and managing their digital and fiat assets during their ICO. With an intimate understanding and knowledge of the cryptocurrency space, ICO Law Group can assist your company or project on both cryptocurrency regulations and ICO legal advising.

While having legal advisors on your team is important, it's imperative to have the right legal advisory team. There are plenty of people out there that claim to be “cryptocurrency legal experts” and offer legal advising services to ICO’s. We believe that in order to be a legal expert, you need to be a licensed and experienced attorney. All of our attorneys are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable about cryptocurrency regulations and ICO operations. Our firm can offer real cryptocurrency legal experts in the form of licensed United States lawyers who do nothing but give legal advice to cryptocurrency projects, funds, and ICO’s. Our firm can provide not only the sound legal advice you need but a connection with an established law firm that you need in order to instill confidence and real credibility to your project.

Benefits From Legal Advising

Complete transparency in your ICO process Compliance with regulatory bodies Increased investor confidence
Ability to easily maneuver the cryptocurrency space Avoid potential issues with your ICO Access to advise for both national and international ICOs/STOs
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ICO Legal Advice

Want to be listed on an exchange? Applying and registering to be listed on an exchange comes with significant legal considerations. We help our clients communicate and negotiate with exchanges to get their coins listed. We also help to make sure that the timing of your exchange listing does not become a detriment to your ICO.

Maybe you want to open and operate an exchange yourself? We will help you to prepare the proper paperwork, file, and register with the appropriate government agencies. Countries around the world have different laws and regulations regarding the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Not only can we explain the benefits of each jurisdiction and make sure that you know which is right for your ICO and for your exchange, but we will also help you through the process to make sure that it is done correctly.

ICO Legal Documents

ICO Law Group understands that you’re not just conducting an ICO, you’re running a business and funding a blossoming project. In addition to general legal advising, we assist our clients in drafting all of the offering documents, operating documents, and investing documents that are needed. Even with unforeseen surprises such as rapid expansion into multiple jurisdictions, hiring new employees, and business reorganizations, at ICO Law Group, we can help assist with the proper documentation along with ICO legal advice into the cryptocurrency regulations. Documentation and contracts are an important part of all companies at every stage and level of growth. With an ICO, you will need employment contracts for your staff, equity and token agreements with your investors, disclaimers for your website, partnership agreements for any entity that partners with your company, advertising agreements, token sale documents, and more. Our attorneys can provide you with all of these documents with each one tailored to your company's individual needs and wants. The ICO Law Group makes getting legal advice and receiving the tailored legal documents that you need easy and convenient.

ICO Document Services

Offering documents are also especially important. Not only do they help to ensure your compliance with state and federal agencies such as the Securities Exchange Commission, but they also give very important information to your investors. We assist many of our clients in drafting Private Placement Memorandums. These are documents which outline information about your project and detail its specific economics and structure. It also outlines risks that may be necessary to disclose to investors. It is important to draft this document, and other offering documents, in such a way as to meet all of the requirements of your project under the law while still making sure to attract investors to your cryptocurrency project.

Want to be compliant on your website? It is important to think about legal compliance and protection with every aspect of your ICO. We can draft the documents that you need which outline the protections, user rights and relevant licenses that are granted to your project. After approval, these documents will be displayed to the visitors to your site and your platform users. The documents generally consist of a large number of legal documents, most notably privacy policies, terms of use agreements, and license agreements. Image Legal Advice

We Know What It Takes To Make A Successful ICO

We pride ourselves in being one of the only cryptocurrency specialized law firms in the United States, as well as being able to provide our clients with legal advice in a cutting edge industry from attorneys who lead the field in cryptocurrency.

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