Frequently Asked Questions


ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering”. It occurs when a company or cryptocurrency project attracts investors and raises funds for itself by offering its own form of digital currency in exchange for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency (typically Bitcoin or Ethereum). These funds are then used to fund the advancement and/or development of the project.

Yes, It is not uncommon for a company’s white papers to reveal an aspect of an operation that draws negative attention to itself and can subject the company to legal action, bad press, or inability to move forward due to inconsistencies with various systems of law. There may also be material misrepresentations in the whitepaper that can get a project into hot water.

This will depend on the services required by the company and what our attorneys need to do. Our Attorneys would be happy to discuss our fees with you during your free consultation.

As soon as possible. An attorney who is knowledgeable about the ICO process and the cryptocurrency market is a necessary asset even from the very start

Our attorneys are available weekdays from 8am-5pm. You can schedule a free consultation with our attorneys by emailing Our attorneys are also available by appointment and make accommodations our international clients as well. We always make time for our clients.

Cryptocurrency is a catch-all name for various forms of completely digital currency which use cryptography to secure transactions. Common forms of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

YES! Every single ICO can benefit from having an attorney that they can contact who is knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and ICO procedures. ICOs and STOs run into legal trouble all the time because of non-compliance in their white paper or fundraising that prevents them from moving forward. Don’t take the chance, and don’t let this happen to you. Conforming to systems of law and enhanced legality of an ICO can lead to more favorable treatment by currency exchanges and higher levels of investment.

Seeing as our clients typically have nearly completely digitized companies, our practice accommodates this and we are able to provide our clients with legal services completely online. This allows us to serve clients from all over the world with a variety of different needs.

Yes, The ICO Law Group does take payment in the form of cryptocurrency with the exact amount depending on the market rate.

The ICO Law Group can provide assistance and counseling at all stages of your ICO. We can help you develop a business strategy, edit white papers to ensure compliance, draft business and employment documents for you and your staff, draw up contracts and review partnership documents to make sure they’re in the best interest of YOUR ICO, and help you draft the paperwork necessary for a token distribution. We also assist in general fund-raising compliance, as well as structuring compliant offerings and registration with governmental agencies such as the Securities Exchange Commission