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Wolfe Miglio, cryptocurrency attorneys, offer a wide variety of services to help cryptocurrencies and projects throughout every stage of their development. Our cryptocurrency attorney will offer legal advice to cryptocurrencies and companies wishing to offer and develop a digital currency in a variety of different ways. Let us take care of the legal issues surrounding an initial coin offering so that you can worry about the advancement of your project.
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Cryptocurrency White Paper Reviews & Press Releases

White papers are a double-edged sword for your cryptocurrency project. A good one will attract investors. A poor one could leave you tangled in litigation. An experienced cryptocurrency lawyer can help ensure that your white paper is accurate, thorough, and transparent. Our crypto attorneys will help you avoid the legal headaches and appeal to investors with expert white paper reviews.

Similarly, press releases generate buzz for your crypto project, but they can also open the door to legal trouble if they are misleading. A few poor wording choices could leave you facing unnecessary lawsuits. With a review from the lawyers at Wolfe Miglio law group, your press releases will attract investors and avoid legal pitfalls.

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cryptocurrency lawyer legal advice
Crypto Legal Advice & Documentation

The cryptocurrency landscape is changing. Now more than ever, it’s essential that your project complies with current laws and regulations. Cryptocurrency laws are quickly evolving, and you’ll need sound legal council to stay compliant. After the ICO crash of 2018, investors are increasingly cautious and want thorough documentation before they invest. Legal advice from our cryptocurrency lawyers will not only keep you within the law— it will prove your credibility to potential investors.

From employment contracts to private placement memorandums, the cryptocurrency attorneys at Wolfe Miglio Law Group will make sure your project has all of the documentation it needs to be legal, credible, and attractive to your potential investors.

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cryptocurrency litigation lawyer
Cryptocurrency Litigation

Even the most legitimate cryptocurrency projects can find themselves in a legal battle. When your project is threatened by a lawsuit, don’t face it alone. All lawyers with Wolfe Miglio law group are knowledgeable about both the law and the cryptocurrency community. We’ll help protect your project and your reputation.

Our attorneys are experts in all kinds of cryptocurrency litigation including arbitration, breach of contract suits, business and investment fraud cases, and more.

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cryptocurrency funds lawyer
Cryptocurrency Fund Formation & Structuring

Our cryptocurrency attorneys can help you structure a variety of crypto projects. From hedge funds to venture capital funds, we help our clients fund and structure their projects in countries all across the world.

Our lawyers have experience in international business law or come from international backgrounds. We’ll help you navigate international banking with ease and keep you compliant with international regulatory bodies. Whether you’re creating an ICO, STO, or other project, the lawyers at Wolfe Miglio law group take the guesswork out of structuring your project.

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crypto risk lawyer
Cryptocurrency Risk Assessment

Assessing and disclosing risk is essential to the future of your cryptocurrency project. Our team of cryptocurrency lawyers will identify and evaluate the risks your project may encounter during fundraising and development. By foreseeing potential risks, we help you avoid costly mistakes in the development of your project. By disclosing risks appropriately, we help you avoid future litigation from investors.

Our attorneys are experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain laws, ensuring that you get thorough assessment and proper disclosure.

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crypto tax attorney
Cryptocurrency Tax Services

Cryptocurrency tax laws are difficult to navigate alone. Whether you have an ICO, STO, or a completely new currency, our cryptocurrency attorneys can help. We’ll search for the best solutions to keep you legal and compliant without overpaying.

Your dedicated cryptocurrency lawyer will identify the countries and bank systems that provide a favorable tax structure for you while still being in compliance.

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legal advice
Cryptocurrency SEC Registration & Compliance

Long before you go public, you need to make sure your project complies with the Security and Exchange Commission's regulations and procedures. The cryptocurrency world is evolving, and SEC compliance is more important than ever, particularly for STOs.

STOs are poised to change the face of the cryptocurrency world. The increased regulation surrounding STOs lends credibility to your offering, ensuring investors that your project is legitimate. But those regulations are difficult to manage without legal council.

Make sure that your STO or other project is SEC-compliant with advice from our cryptocurrency lawyers. Our crypto attorneys will help you register your cryptocurrency project with the SEC and maintain compliance.

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